Winning at Life

I want to document this because I usually write (type) when I'm not in a great place as a release for my overload of emotions, but I want there to also be evidence of when I am at my best when I look back! I'm mostly a positive and optimistic person, however, in the past… Continue reading Winning at Life



Enthusiastic, reliable, determined and self-motivated. Punctual, confident with great communication skills and a willingness to learn new tasks... a passion for customer service and the fashion industry...a desire to help others, competent working on my own initiative...yadda yadda yay... please hire me? I have written all of these words in different patterns and orders and… Continue reading Job-Hunting

Ireland: Can we make our own choices please?

The Irish Prime Minister just announced that there will be a referendum next summer regarding our rights regarding abortion. The people of Ireland have quite strong opinions on this subject, as I'm sure everyone in the world does, just as I do. I have no personal experience, I have never been unfortunate enough to be… Continue reading Ireland: Can we make our own choices please?